Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Master Classes in Oahu!

Summertime in Hawaii is the perfect setting for HHf classes-Noelani is heading this master class free-for-all throughout July-
July 16- BYU Dance Studio, Laie
July 19- Powerhouse Gym, Aiea
July 20- Kapolei Yoga & Dance Studio, Kapolei
July 21- YMCA Nu'uanu, Honolulu
July 23- BYU Dance Studio, Laie
July 25- YWCA Laniakea, Honolulu
July 25- YMCA Nu'uanu, Honolulu
July 26- Powerhouse Gym, Aiea
July 28- YMCA Nu'uanu, Honolulu
July 30- YMCA Nu'uanu, Honolulu

That is a staggering amount of classes taking place...come join us!!!
Times may vary; check the website for details.

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